FAQs in Kahului

Chiropractic Kahului HI adjustment

What are the costs for my initial visit?

Initial visit fee is $110 for chiropractic care in Kahului (exam and adjustment).

How long will it take for me to get better?

Each patient is different. There are multiple factors that can affect how a person heals.

  • How long has the problem been there?
  • Age of the patient
  • “Vitality” of the patient
  • The Dr.’s ability to analyze and make the correct adjustment
  • Time the patient will allow for recovery

Does Dr. Urban take an x-ray?

Yes, the x-ray is a necessary procedure to provide a thorough analysis of your spine (obviously, certain factors are taken into consideration regarding x-rays…ie. age, pregnancy).

Note: X-rays are NOT part of Dr. Urban’s initial exam fee. Maui Imaging at “Triangle Square” in Kahului takes all of Dr. Urban’s x-rays and will bill your insurance if appropriate (cash discounts are available as well).

Does Dr. Urban take my insurance?

Dr. Urban is not a provider of any insurance plans. However, Dr. Urban will provide you with all the appropriate documentation/diagnosis codes for you to seek reimbursement from your insurance company on your own.

Note: Dr. Urban’s reason for non-participation in managed care is that Dr. Urban is adamant about helping you make your own decisions about your health care goals without the influence of corporations trying to cut their cost and manage your care without ever physically examining you. Dr. Urban prefers to treat patients, not insurance claims!

Does Dr. Urban offer payment plans?

Dr. Urban offers several pre-payment plans at a reduced cost. These programs are fully refundable and can be shared with other family members. Other options are discussed during your report of findings.


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