Chiropractic Patient Testimonials

Seeing Dr. Urban helped me out a ton. I never realized how out of place my neck and upper back was until it was pointed out.

I was just living with easily acquired headaches and just thought that it was normal, but turns out that my neck was out from when I fell out of a tree when I was younger. It caused me to constantly be in pain, but after seeing

Dr. Urban for a couple of months the headaches gradually lessened until I stopped having them all together! Before when I would surf, my shoulders, neck and head would hurt afterwards, but now I can surf without any of those things happening. Definitely recommend a visit to Dr. Urban!
Joel F.
He is an excellent Chiropractor. Whenever I am broken he puts me back together again and I am good to go. He is not like a regular M.D. He treats you like a friend. The really effective part is how he takes the time to get to know you and your particular ailments and works with you to help you work through to a solution. In Maui he is No Ka Oi
Tom W.
I was on vacation in Hawaii and needed an adjustment. Thankfully I found Dr. Urban who got me in right away and took the necessary time to give me instant relief. I was so pleased, I threatened to kidnap him back to the mainland. Maui is blessed to have Dr. James Urban!
Kathi B.
Dr. Jim Urban is the best doctor in town! He is compassionate, friendly, professional and highly skilled therapist!
Vilma U.
This amazing man has Healing Hands! Very thankful for his skill and gentle treatments that have made a BIG difference in my quality of life. Thank you Dr. Urban!
Diane N.
“Dr. Urban is kind,compassionate,thorough and certainly well schooled in his profession! I would not hesitate for a second to wholeheartedly recommend him…in fact, I have many times!!”
Lynne B.
When I randomly walked into Alive and Well looking for lunch I did not expect to be given a complimentary spine scan and start a journey toward chiropractic health.

Dr. James Urban was cautiously inquisitive and he respectfully presented me with options for treating the issues that the scan revealed. There was no pressure and his approach to treatment was much appreciated after a very serious beach related injury (don’t turn your back on a wave).

Dr. Urban is amazing! He cares about his patients. He helped me gain a new understanding of the importance of spinal health and how it affects other areas of the body. He is the BEST doctor I’ve ever worked with in general, and I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Urban to anyone who is in need of chiropractic services or just needs a consult.”
John M.
In a very short time and after only a few visits with Dr. Urban, I have more range of motion in my hips and neck than I’ve had in years. I highly recommend Dr. Urban to anyone in need of Chiropractic care. Thank you, Doc!
Sunnie C.
Dr. Urban’s methods for helping my extreme lower back pain go away have been incredibly effective. I would encourage everyone “on Maui” with a sore or painful body to see Dr.Urban. Not only for the relief from the pain but to actually get your body to heal.
Peter W.
I sought Dr. Urban’s help after our recent move to Maui. I selected him because he is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. I knew Palmer College to be legitimate and felt that not knowing any doctors on Maui this was the one thing I had to go by in choosing a doctor. However, having said that, I never realized the difference an individual doctor could make!

Dr. Urban is the most professional, seriously caring Doctor of Chiropractic I have ever been to! He really studies your x-ray to determine how to proceed in adjusting what needs correcting. (And if you are rolling your eyes right now thinking you don’t need to spend the extra few dollars for an x-ray then think again! YOU NEED AN X-RAY!) I have been to several Chiropractors over the years, and I get it, they take an x-ray and nothing is ever mentioned to you about the outcome. The Chiropractor gives you the “general adjustment” (hips, back, neck), making the appropriate cracking noises leaving you feeling slightly better, but never really correcting anything long term. Dr. Urban is NOT this type of Chiropractor! There is NO “wham-bam-thank-you-maam” approach.

If this is what you are receiving or have received in the past, you need have only have one visit with Dr. Urban to know to never allow yourself to be treated in that manner again!

Dr. Urban reads your x-ray and goes over it with you so that you can understand it and see for yourself what’s wrong. He explains what his findings are and puts together a plan on how to correct it. Dr. Urban is head and shoulders above any Chiropractor I’ve ever been to. He genuinely cares about you and what he can do to help. How lucky are we to live in Paradise and then find such outstanding care to boot!

In my particular case, I had been on the losing side of a run-in with a large wave the previous year. Upon my return to Iowa, I explained to my previous Chiropractor what had happened. He never took an x-ray and proceeded to give me the “general adjustment” I described above. After moving here this year, I went to Dr. Urban and after viewing my x-ray he immediately asked if I’d had problems with my groin? Had I! I had been having problems standing after sitting for over a year! After reviewing my x-ray, Dr. Urban explained that my sacrum was rotated (twisted!). He adjusted it and I haven’t had any problems since! He has also been working to correct my mid-back (this I attribute to being chained to a desk my entire work life), and he is working on old injuries to my neck that I never knew I had! I’ve had pressure in my neck all my life. I thought I was just always stressed out!

Slowly, but surely Dr. Urban is putting me back together so that my husband and I can have the retirement we have always wanted. For this, I am truly grateful! Thank you Dr. Urban!!!
Jane V.