Dr. Urban’s Approach

It is through “specific” spinal adjustments that subluxations (misalignments) can be corrected so that normal movement/positioning and function can help to improve upon the sensitive communication (nervous system function) that is so vital to your body’s potential to heal. When the spine is in alignment and the nervous system is functioning properly, your body knows how to heal, regulate and adapt appropriately to the many external stressors of everyday life.

Dr. Urban prefers to work with what is right within you (the intelligence of the body) then to focus on what is wrong with you (your symptoms). As you grow older, you should grow healthier… a realization that is often overlooked given our current medical mainstreams disposition on health!

Dr. Urban takes great pride in delivering a “specific” spinal adjustment to his clients. His approach does NOT treat everyone with the same twisting of the neck and lower back from both the right and left and the middle back from top to bottom. This approach could potentially harm individuals with an inappropriate impact to the joints of the spinal column that can result in “neurological insult”. Dr. Urban prefers to access each of his clients individually so to skillfully perform an appropriate “specific” spinal adjustment with the least amount of force that is carefully delivered to adequately address his client’s structural and neurological needs.

If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call (808) 573-2000

What Our Patients Say

  • This man is the bomb. I leave my appts feelin like a million bucks each time. Mahalo Dr Urban! 🤙🏼

    jeff canto Avatar
    jeff canto
  • Dr. Urban is outstanding. My fiance and I had a long flight to Maui. Her back was really bothering her during the flight. Dr. Urban's clinic is close to the airport and he was able to see her on short notice. He identified her problem and gave her the the relief she needed to enjoy her vacation. Thank you, Dr. Urban! Brian and Olivia, St. Louis

    Brian Mcchesney Avatar
    Brian Mcchesney
  • I could write a book on how much Dr. Urban has helped me. From making the adjustment to alleviate indigestion and poor breathing to stoping head aches, fatigue in my arms and the severe back pain associated with work injuries. I can't say enough here - in fact I have been going to Chiropractors for over 25 years and Dr. Urban is the only one that consistently reviews my x-rays, knows my conditions and provide the correct treatment. I'd give six stars if I could.

    Jeff J. Avatar
    Jeff J.
  • 5 star ratingI went to see Dr. Urban because of pain I had in my lower back since giving birth to my first child over 2 years ago. I've never been to a chiropractor before so I was very nervous. Dr. Urban is very friendly and professional and made me feel comfortable. He's very thorough and even had me get an xray of my spine to review. It's amazing that just after 5 visits my lower back pain is gone! After all these years and my back feels great. It's also very quick and easy to make appointments online.

    Michele K. Avatar
    Michele K.
  • 5 star ratingAloha looking for a good chiropractor? Well this place is it! I have experienced back and neck pain for years of my life due to just living... Playing football growing up, surfing the south swells at Big beach, doing jujitsu. I have seen many different chiropractors and found that Dr James Urban to be the best, he fixes and corrects what's needed, not just cracks your whole body. Why adjust something that's not needed to be adjusted right. Dr Urban takes his time to figure out the problem and make corrections for long time Heath improvements. I definitely recommend Dr. Urban at Chiropractic Maui, friendly staff, clean and organize business A++

    Ron K. Avatar
    Ron K.
  • 5 star ratingI just moved to Maui this year and needed to find a good chiropractor. I have been getting chiropractic care since 2005, so I was already familiar with what my body needed. I searched google and found Dr. Urban. What a god-sent. He is awesome! He really listened to my concerns and addressed them head on. He has helped me so much that now I have my husband seeing him too! And the best thing is that he's very flexible with scheduling an appointment. I can call him the same day and get in! And he has this new appointment reminder that texts me a reminder 30 min before my appointment so I don't forget. Very convenient. I highly recommend Dr. Urban!

    R G. Avatar
    R G.
  • I woke up one morning with an incredible amount of pain in my lower back leaving me unable to leave the bed. A few sessions later and I'm finally able to get back to life. Dr. Urban's professionalism has made me a firm believer in chiropractic adjustment. I highly recommend Dr. Urban as a professional in the field.

    Max Powell Avatar
    Max Powell
  • Dr. Urban has given me instant relief from the nagging pain of a rear-end collision. He is the epitome of health and fitness. I would strongly recommend Dr. Jim!

    Kathi U. Avatar
    Kathi U.
  • I came to Maui on vacation and had a problem with my shoulder/neck flare up. Dr. Urban was very accommodating and really helped me out so I was able to enjoy the rest of my vacation. Would definitely recommend, A+ service.

    Ray Mackelson Avatar
    Ray Mackelson
  • 5 star ratingDr. Urban is a wonderful kind chiroprator who is knowledgable and very skilled. He also does a wonderful energy technique that is very relaxing. He has helped me very much with my frozen joints due to R. A. Blessings, Dr. Urban

    Debbie D. Avatar
    Debbie D.
  • I went to see Dr. Urban for a back and neck pain injury I had for 2 years. I followed through with his treatment plan and had major improvements. I will continue treatment for maintenance. Highly recommended!

    Aaron Echalas Avatar
    Aaron Echalas
  • Dr. Urban is the best chiropractor I've ever been to. I've suffered with neck pain my whole life and lower back pain for many years. I've been to many of the standard twist and crack chiropractors who treat every patient the same. Dr. Urban is nothing like that. Not only is each patient unique, but each visit is unique too. He had me get x-rays before he even laid a hand on me, and explained exactly what he was going to do and why. He adjusts each vertebra individually and examines me again in between each one. In 2 visits, my lifelong neck pain was almost gone; in fact the problem wasn't even in my neck and he's the only person that's ever recognized that. My lower back pain was gone in 5 visits.

    His fees are very reasonable, and if you're able to pre-pay, there's even more of a discount.

    Highly recommend! I will never go to anyone else.

    Elaine Janice DeWitt Avatar
    Elaine Janice DeWitt
  • I appreciate the xrays prior

    He is very knowledgeable, professional, easy to talk to but

    Most importantly he helped with pain I’ve had for months(sciatica and low back pain). Highly


    Janet Kroger Avatar
    Janet Kroger
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