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Dr. James P. Urban


Aloha and welcome to the office of Dr. James P Urban. We are located in Kahului on the beautiful island of Maui. Whether you are just visiting the island or an established resident and looking for a great chiropractic experience from an exceptional chiropractor in Maui, Dr. Urban is just the person for you!

Being a chiropractor on Maui is nothing short of a blessing! Maui boasts an incredible climate with an abundance of natural food resources and outdoor activities that truly enhance our greater health and wellness potentials…a perfect recipe to a chiropractic venue!

Dr. James P. Urban

Dr. Urban is proficient in the “Gonstead” technique; a technique used to skillfully analyze and specifically adjust the spine. Dr. Urban takes great pride in delivering a “specific” spinal adjustment to his clients. His approach does NOT treat everyone with the same twisting of the neck and lower back from both the right and left and the middle back from top to bottom.

This approach could potentially harm individuals with an inappropriate impact on the joints of the spinal column that can result in “neurological insult”. Dr. Urban prefers to access each of his clients individually so to skillfully perform an appropriate “specific” spinal adjustment with the least amount of force that is carefully delivered to adequately address his client’s structural and neurological needs.

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Common Misconceptions

Just because you hear a “crack” or “popping “noise does not mean that there is a correction! Anyone can twist the body and make a popping noise but very few people are capable of making a specific adjustment.  A well and timely delivered adjustment is truly an art! The correction comes from properly setting the bone in the correct direction and restoring vital nerve function. Something that takes many years of practice to become proficient!

How Chiropractic Can Help You Achieve Results

Most people do not realize the lengths chiropractors had to go through to succeed in their profession. Hours and hours of constant training and education, which translate to those of a physician, are required to even graduate school. After 4 years of undergraduate medical education, chiropractors must continue on with another 4 years in a chiropractic college. Building and testing their knowledge rigorously, chiropractic school is no joke.

Gentle and precise adjustments are the main works of a chiropractor. These adjustments should realign the spine, resulting in fully functioning muscle tissue and neurological pathways. A correctly aligned spine is the start a restoration of health and pain relief because there is no blockage in the communication of nerves throughout the body.

If you would like to schedule a new patient visit with Dr. Urban, feel free to call our office (808) 573-2000 or better yet, take advantage of our online scheduler.  Come see what we can do for you!

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